Scholarship Fund Donation - $10



The CBLSL is excited to offer a way to support LGBTQIA+ and ally softball players who cannot afford the fees. Donations to the scholarship fund will be ear-marked to support player scholarships and will not be used for any other purpose. 

There are currently 4 types of scholarships that these funds are designated to support. Please note, this list may expand in the future, but rest assured that all donations to this fund will be put towards reducing out-of-pocket expenses for individual players based on need.

  1. Regular Season Player Scholarship - $70 per player
  2. Fallball Season Player Scholarship - $35 per player
  3. Player Equipment Scholarship - Amount varies based on need and fund availability
  4. World Series Scholarship - Amount varies based on need and fund availability

Donations can be made in increments of $10. To donate more than $10, simply add more than one of this "item" to your cart. For example, to donate $50, add five (5) $10 donations to your cart. 

To apply for a scholarship, please go to to complete the application. Applicant names are visible to the League Commissioner, Divisional Directors, and Treasurer/Finance Manager. Applications may be shared with additional commission members as needed to select scholarship recipients, but names will be redacted prior to doing so. 

Please note: The CBLSL is registered as a 501c4 organization. As such, donations to the CBLSL are not generally tax-deductible. 

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