About the Recreational Division

Open means that all genders are welcome. Recreational means that if a player attends a game they will be guaranteed to play. Open Rec is the lower division with in the CBLSL. Players of all ability levels are welcome.

Games are played on Sundays from April to June in Fairmount Park (full schedule is below). Each game is 70 minutes in length and are either played back-to-back or with a game off in between. Game times start at 9:00 and go until about 4 or 5pm. Game times for teams varies. Some weekends teams play in the morning others midday or afternoon.  After the games, teams often celebrate their victory by enjoying a beer and hang out together (but keep in mind for safety reasons, consuming alcohol before/during games is not permitted.)

Getting Started

After attending Recruitment Day and the league places you on a team, the team manager will reach-out to you with details about practice (practice varies by team) and logistics of the season. You will need to purchase a softball glove and a uniform (your manager will coordinate the uniform) along with paying the league dues which fund the professional umpires, field permits, field maintenance, balls etc. A pair of plastic cleats are recommended (no metal spikes.)

The Games

Slow-pitch softball works like this: Ten defensive players play in the field (there are four outfields unlike baseball which has three.) The pitcher tosses the ball underhand with a high arch towards the batter, making the ball easier to hit than a traditional baseball or fast-pitch softball game. There are a few differences in the rules from traditional baseball (like no stealing bases) and the league follows USA Softball Rules (formally ASA). The City of Brotherly Love Softball League is a member of NAGAAA which is the national association of gay softball.


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