C.B.L.S.L. Hall of Fame Winners

In its 32nd year in existence, the C.B.L.S.L. created a Hall of Fame to honor the loyalty and competitive spirit of its players, sponsors, and teams. The C.B.L.S.L. Hall of Fame inductees are selected each year by the commission and presented an award at the league's end of season banquet. All J.J. Hendley award winners and N.A.G.A.A.A./ A.S.A.N.A. Hall of Fame inductees are automatically inducted into the C.B.L.S.L. Hall of Fame.

City of Brotherly Love Softball Hall of Fame Inductees:

J.J. Hendley Award Winners - Larry Mistichell, Tommy Garbarino, Lynn Fridel, Jimmy Dotzel, Bob Connolly, Tony Iero, John Edgar, Bill Wood, Krissy Wild, Jim Young, Russel Dilkes, Jerry O'Neill, John Fluehr, Michael Valerio, Chick Winn, Sue Gildea, Carol Ann O'Neil, Jeff Chase, Eric Holliday, Joe Hanratti, Robin Rutherford, Bob Murphy, Jeff Eiberson, Anthony Shikitino, Jeff Jurges, Bob Lenahan, Brian Wentz, Steve Ackeret, Lisa "Spyke" Schweizer, Joe Busby, Chris Chu, Kevin Armstrong.

N.A.G.A.A.A. & A.S.A.N.A. Hall of Fame Inductees (not listed also under J.J. Hendley) - J.J. Hendley (1990), Rob Papa (2011), Brandi Fitzgerald (2015), Chrissy Hunsberger (2017), Jen Brown (2017), Kristin Grubb (2018), Steve Ackeret (2023). 

2015 - Lydia Yureck (posthumously)

2016 - The Bike Stop

2017 - Bobbi White, Patty Inacker, Lisa Schweizer, Triple Play (team)

2018 - Stephen Carlino and Dennis Fee, James McElvarr, Kim Kirkpatrick, Kim Glodek

2019 - Stephanie Graziosi-Hibbs, Denise "Speedy" Ward, Joey Lucas, Ed Marshall, Matt "Shelly" Harmon (posthumously), Charlie DeLuca

2020 - Caitlin Smith, Lena Aiken, Christina Deckhut, Jim Cain, Jim Cummings

2021 - Kevin Armstrong, Dave Lewis, Chris Donnelly, Colleen McClure

2022 - Susan Doherty, Leigh Ronnan, Steve Mast, Sean Joyce

2023 - Seth Kaufer, Kevin Frayne, Liz Goodrich, Brian Sell, Larissa Rea, Vic Crosier, Destiny Acevedo

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