Board Members

CBLSL is a 100% volunteer organization - please make sure to thank your Board members for their hard-work and dedication whenever you see them!

League Commissioner Jen Brown
Women's+ Division Director Chrissy Hunsberger
Open Division Director Sean Joyce
Women's+ Competitive Divisional Coordinator Tif Oertner
Women's+ Recreational Divisional Coordinator Susan Doherty
Open Competitive Divisional Coordinator Kevin Frayne
Open Recreational Divisional Coordinator Brian Sell
Women's+ Division Recruitment Specialist
Open Division Recruitment Specialist John Burks-Silver
Communication Director Larissa Rea
Treasurer / Finance Manager Wesley Tank-Day
Events Coordinator/Sponsor Liaison Jonathan Maldonado
ASANA Representative Chrissy Hunsberger
NAGAAA Representative Brian Wentz

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