League Commissioner

  1. League Commissioner
    1. Must be a member in good standing of the CBLSL.
    2. The League Commissioner may not also serve as a manager.
    3. The League Commissioner does not have a vote on issues voted on by the Commission unless there is a tie. The League Commissioner casts the tie-breaking vote.
    4. The League Commissioner may be elected to three consecutive two-year terms.
    5. The League Commissioner shall have final say over all rule and constitutional interpretations.
    6. The League Commissioner shall sign off and have final decision making ability over all NAGAAA ratings and ASANA classifications (see Part I section VIII.)
    7. The League Commissioner shall be responsible for the daily operations of the League including, but not limited to: 
      1. Supervising the smooth running of the CBLSL
      2. Umpire liaison
      3. Field decisions including but not limited to:
        1. Field maintenance.
        2. Safety conditions.
        3. Liaison with city pertaining to permits and field improvements
      4. Forming Committees to assist in operating the CBLSL.
      5. Assigning responsibilities to Commission members as needed.
      6. Set the date, time, and location of all commission meetings.
        1. The League Commissioner should create and distribute Commission Meeting Agendas and supporting documents at least 48 hours in advance of Commission Meetings.
      7. Presiding over all Commission Meetings and the General Membership Meeting
      8. Work with the Finance Manager to ensure that league funds are adequately managed. 
      9. Ensure successful planning and execution of League Tournaments
        1. May serve as Tournament Director or appoint one or more Tournament Director(s)
      10. Convene and preside over all Ethics and Protest Meetings (see BYLAWS section VI and VII.)
    8. With the exception of the Budget Committee, whose chairperson shall be the League Finance Manager, the League Commissioner shall appoint all chairpersons.  
      1. All chairpersons selected by the League Commissioner must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the Commission.
    9. Removal: 
      1. A motion to remove the League Commissioner must be presented in writing by one-fifth of the members of the Commission or one-third of team managers and two (2) members of the Commission and received by the Communications Director.  
      2. The League Commissioner must call a meeting within ten (10) days of this motion.  
      3. A three-fourths vote of the Commission will result in removal of the League Commissioner for gross neglect or misconduct.
    10. Removal or resignation:
      1. In the event of the removal or resignation of the League Commissioner, the Commission shall elect, by a three-fourths vote, a new League Commissioner from the two Divisional Directors.  
      2. This position will be held only until the next General Membership Meeting.  
      3. The League Commissionerâ??s position will then be filled by election for the remainder of the unfulfilled term.

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