Finance Manager and League Treasurer

  1. Finance Manager/League Treasurer:
    1. Shall be responsible for maintaining all financial records and reporting them at all Commission meetings.
    2. Shall be responsible for all account payables and receivables.
    3. Shall not be allowed to sign checks on league accounts.
    4. Shall work with all League Commission members to develop the yearly budget.
    5. Assist the League Commissioner in determining league membership and sponsorship fees by providing estimated impact of increasing or decreasing fees.
    6. Ensure compliance with all requirements of being a 501(c)(4) non-profit corporation, including the applicable filing of state and federal taxes.
    7. Shall work with the Sponsor Liaison / Events Coordinator to obtain league-level sponsorships.
    8. Shall be a voting member of the Commission
    9. In coordination with the Sponsor Liaison / Events Coordinator, must present a detailed plan for all fundraising events showing how proceeds from the event will be used.
    10. Other responsibilities may be assigned by the League Commissioner.

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