Divisional Directors

  1. Divisional Directors
    1. Must be a member in good standing of the CBLSL.
    2. If a player, must play in the division they wish to represent.
    3. Divisional Directors may not also serve as managers. If a candidate is a team manager, they must resign that position if elected Divisional Director.
    4. Divisional Directors shall be responsible for the daily operations of their Divisions including, but not limited to: 
      1. Creating Manager Timelines each year before February 1st.
      2. Work with Recruiting Specialist to ensure there is a recruiting plan for each year.
      3. Coordinate the annual Recruitment Day event to ensure all recruited players are placed on teams.
      4. Game scheduling.
      5. Reviewing/Modifying Rules of Play.
      6. Rules interpretations.
      7. Overseeing the yearly ratings/ classification process.
        1. May not serve as Ratings Committee Chairperson
        2. Provides recommendations to the Commissioner for the Ratings Committee Chairperson for their division
      8. Coordinating with the Communications Director and Divisional Coordinators to ensure that all managers, players, and social members  are adequately informed
      9. Send communications to team managers as agreed upon with the Communications Director and/or Divisional Coordinators. 
      10. Delegate tasks to Divisional Coordinators as needed.
      11. Other responsibilities as assigned by the League Commissioner.
    5. Divisional Directors shall serve as NAGAAA and ASANA Representatives
      1. Shall be responsible for attending all NAGAAA and/or ASANA meetings if not attended by the League Commissioner or someone else designated by the League Commissioner.
      2. Brief the Commission at meetings with any changes in NAGAAA or ASANA.
      3. Notify NAGAAA or ASANA of all Commission changes. 
      4. Open NAGAAA Representative shall verify NAGAAA ratings guidelines have been followed.
      5. Womenâ??s+ ASANA Representative shall verify ASANA classifications guidelines have been followed.
      6. Submit ratings/classifications, regular season team rosters, and World Series rosters to NAGAAA or ASANA in accordance with current NAGAAA or ASANA requirements.
      7. Supply rosters to appropriate NAGAAA or ASANA division in compliance with NAGAAA or ASANA regulations. 
      8. If a Divisional Director also serves on the NAGAAA or ASANA Board of Directors, the League Commissioner shall appoint a NAGAAA or ASANA Representative to avoid a conflict of interest.
        1. In the event that a CBLSL ASANA or NAGAAA Representative is elected to appointed to a board position for their respective organizations, the CBLSL Commissioner shall appoint a new representative, effective immediately.
      9. The League Commissioner, at their discretion, may opt to appoint a NAGAAA or ASANA Representative in lieu of the Divisional Director serving in this position, 
      10. If a NAGAAA or ASANA Representative is appointed in lieu of a Divisional Director serving in this position, they shall not have a vote at Commission Meetings
    6. Appointment of Divisional Director:
      1. In the event of the removal or resignation of a Divisional Director, the Commission shall elect, by a three-fourths vote, a new Divisional Director from the two Divisional Commissioners in that Division.  
      2. This position will be held only until the next General Membership Meeting.  
      3. The Divisional Director position will then be filled by election for the remainder of the unfulfilled term.

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