Divisional Coordinators

  1. Divisional Coordinators
    1. Must be a member in good standing of the CBLSL.
    2. If a player, must play in the division they wishes to represent.
    3. Divisional Coordinators may not also serve as managers. If a candidate is a team manager, he/she must resign that position if elected Divisional Commissioner.
    4. Divisional Coordinators must be actively involved in pre-season preparation for their Sub-Division including, but not limited to:
      1. Participating in new player placement 
      2. Providing guidance and feedback to the Divisional Director regarding game scheduling
      3. Working with Recruiting Specialist to create and support recruiting efforts.
        1. Must provide a range of total players wanted/needed for the division
        2. Must regularly communicate changes in needs to the Recruiting Specialist and the Divisional Director 
    5. Divisional Coordinators shall be responsible for the daily operations of their Sub-Divisions including, but not limited to: 
      1. Working with team managers to ensure rosters are complete and all dues are paid. 
      2. Assisting team managers with team issues that may arise,  recommending resolutions, and reporting resolutions to the Commission
      3. Work with the Communications Director to develop communications to league players.
    6. Gathering Ratings from managers per the Managerâ??s Timeline
      1. Must also serve as a member of the Ratings Committee for their Division
    7. Responsible for regularly communicating with managers in their division regarding:
      1. Items to be voted on by the Commission
      2. Wants / needs of managers.
    8. Must contact Managers 72 hours in advance of a Commission Meeting requesting feedback / issues to be brought to the attention of the Commission.
    9. May request that an item to be voted on by the Commission be delayed to allow adequate time to gather feedback from managers.
      1. Applies only when less than 48 hoursâ?? notice of discussion of a topic was given to the Commission.
      2. May be denied by the League Commissioner if an issue is deemed urgent. 
    10. May appoint, with the approval of the Commission, an Assistant Divisional Coordinator to assist in the smooth operation of the division. 
      1. The Assistant Divisional Coordinator has no vote and no decision-making authority other than to operate at the request of the Divisional Commissioner. 
    11. Other responsibilities as assigned by the League Commissioner and/or Divisional Directors.
    12. Appointment of Divisional Coordinator:
      1. In the event that one of the Divisional Coordinator is elected to fill the term of the Divisional Director, the League Commissioner may appoint a replacement as long as the provisions outlined in Section II-F are maintained.

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