Communications Director

  1. Communications Director
    1. Must be a member in good standing of the CBLSL.
    2. Keep minutes of each Commission and General Membership Meeting.
    3. Shall make available via website, e-mail, or copies to every manager the following documents: Commission meeting minutes, CBLSL Constitution, NAGAAA Instruments of Governance, ASANA Instruments of Governance and USA rules book before the start of the season.
    4. Ensure the league website is updated annually to reflect team and individual awards
    5. Ensure all league events are posted on the league website
    6. The Communications Director shall have authority to renumber, re-name sections (i.e. change section B to section C to allow for new changes), correct grammar and clean up as necessary when and where appropriate, subject to the approval of the Commission.
    7. Create a Communications Plan by January 1 of each year
    8. Work with Divisional Directors and Divisional Coordinators to develop weekly communications to Managers.
      1. To be sent by Divisional Directors or Divisional Coordinators
    9. Work with Divisional Directors, Divisional Coordinators, and Recruiting Specialists, to develop weekly communications to players
      1. To be sent by the Communications Director to players who have agreed to be sent these emails.
    10. Create a monthly Social Media plan to be presented at each Commission Meeting
      1. This plan may be modified as needed throughout the month with approval from the League Commissioner and Divisional Directors.
    11. Create and schedule all social media posts, league-wide emails, and text messages including, but not limited to:
      1. Game day notices (weather, etc.)
      2. League events
      3. Recruiting efforts
    12. Ensure the CBLSL is up to date regarding social media trends and opportunities to reach more members of the LGBTQA+ community. 
    13. Other responsibilities may be assigned by the League Commissioner.

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