Schedule & Important Dates

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2017 C.B.L.S.L. Important Dates

January 11th -- January Commission Meeting

January 22nd --  Women's Division Managers Meeting

January 29th --  Open Recreational Managers Meeting

February 8th --  February Commission Meeting

February 9th --  Open Competitive Managers Meeting

March 1st --  Book ASANA Hotel Rooms

March 5th --  Pitching Clinic

March 11th --  Skills Day /Pub Crawl/Open D Draft

March 19th --  Pitching Clinic

March 26th --  Pitching Clinic

April 1st --  Release of Season Schedule

April 12th --  April Commission Meeting

April 16th --  Rosters Finalized in LeagueApps

April 23rd --  Opening Day

May 1st --  ASANA Hotel Deposit and Registration Fee Due

May 27th and 28th --  Liberty Bell Classic --  No Season Games

June 1st --  NAGAAA Ratings Due/NAGAAA Hotel Deposit and Registration Due/ASANA World Series Roster Due

June 16th --  BINGO!

June 25th --  Playoffs/League Picnic

July 1st --  Start of NAGAAA Ratings Review by Managers

July 4th --  9th ASANA World Series

July 9th --  RAINDATE (if needed)

July 15th --  NAGAAA Ratings Entered in NAGAAA Database

July 16th --  RAINDATE (if needed)

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